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Hard Wired for Golf - DVD Set $39.95

Learn how to think like a pro and play like a kid with the Hard-Wired for Golf DVD Series.

Doc Campbell gives you the key to your mental game. Learn the secrets to playing your best golf. You’ll be more calm, consistent, and confident in your golf game…guaranteed!

The definition of "Hard-Wired" is the unique configuration of your brain and nervous system that determines how you learn and play. Most average players are not aware of their Hard-Wiring and focus on the wrong things. These players will not improve if they won’t change their mental approach. Tops players are using their Hard-Wiring to their advantage so they can become champions.

Eliminate bad shots because you were thinking over the ball. Dr. Campbell teaches you how to separate your thinking and execution functions so you can ultimately LOWER YOUR SCORE.

This isn’t a gimmick or a one-time gadget. This is a skill that you will use for the rest of your life, not only in the game of golf. It’s that powerful. For over 30 years, Doc has taught amateur and professional athletes how to be their best, mentally. Now Doc Campbell teaches you the secrets the great pros have used for years in their great performances.