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Hard-wired for Golf Training with Dr. Bill Campbell

Delve deeper into the Hard-Wired for Golf concept with hands-on training from the expert.
Hard-Wired for Golf mental skills training programs are designed to make golf easier and more fun.

Regularly scheduled Golf Schools regardless of duration will be held in the Denver area. However, many of our students have requested to have a Hard-Wired School at their "home course" or city. We would be happy to set up any of our formats on your "turf" and at your convenience. So please contact us to set up a "custom" experience.

Indoor and outdoor facilities are available for sessions all year round. For 2013, our program will have a strong emphasis on the Titleist Performance Institute methodology and techniques.

For information and pricing email Doc at hardwiredforgolf@comcast.net or call (303) 907-0215.

8775 East Orchard Rd Suite 821
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Private Lessons
Half Day Seminars
One Day Clinics
Three Day Golf Schools
Tournament Tough Clinic
Senior Schools
Olde School Golf School

Screenings for physical fitness,
mobility, stability & visual acuity
Short game evaluations:
Putting, Chipping, Pitching
Motor Reprogramming
How to practice effectively
Course management

Private Lessons:

Doc is available for individual or small group (4 people) lessons for your mental game. Available evenings and weekends at Meta Golf Learning Center located at the Broken Tee Golf Club, Colorado Golf Club, Common Ground Golf Club, Green Valley Ranch, Ft. Collins Country Club.

Call 303-907-0215 to schedule an appointment at the location closest to you.

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All 2012 programs will be available at the golf centers listed above. Call 303- 907-0215 for details and to schedule.

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Half Day Seminars:

These programs are designed to expose golfers to the “Hard-Wired” mental skills and principles in a classroom setting. There will be lively discussions, demonstrations, experiences, and hands on learning. (Limit of 8 participants) Sunday mornings have been scheduled for these sessions in the Denver area.

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One Day Clinics:

This program is designed to expose golfers to “Hard-Wired” skills plus give them one on one instruction on a driving range or practice facility. Participants are guaranteed to walk away from the experience with a “bullet proof” pre-shot routine and playing techniques. (Limit of 8 participants). Bring your foursome for an experience on Saturdays.

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Three Day Golf Schools:

This educational experience really gives participants the full range of “Hard-Wired” skill development. The three-day program gives equal attention to classroom education, range practice and on the course playing lessons.

This school will give you specific drills, skills, and strategies in your own learning style that will apply directly on how you approach the game. By the end of this experience you will be able to identify and perform as a true representative of your unique hard wiring without a doubt. The DVD and workbook are a terrific starting point for this experience. The school is dedicated to learn the specific "tricks" of your trade i.e., tactics, strategies, course management, and relaxation skills on the course.

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Tournament Tough Clinic:

For accomplished players who are not reaching their full potential as golfers. The format is the same as the 3 day schools with focus on mental skills, course management and golf demons. Our experience is that this school is particularly helpful for players who regularly compete and feel that they are not playing to their potential. This program is particularly applicable to junior players and their parents. This builds common understanding between players and their support systems.

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Senior Schools:

Chi Chi once said “The older I get, the better I was.” This is true for most of us veteran players. This school is designed for players on the “back nine” of life who wish to forget the past and learn to play to their strengths now! The format and price structure is the same as the regular 3 day golf school.

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Olde School Golf School

The paradigm the Olde School embraces is "Better golf comes from better golfers." The real fundamentals of golf are flexible and strong body, and a focused & quite mind.

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